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CR and DR Quality assurance

DISC Corp., a Canadian company specializes in quality control and calibration instruments, developed the first DR Quality Assurance system with embedded imaging objects. It produces dose & image values simultaneously with one exposure. Assure consistent quality of DR systems.
DISC offers a range of Radiological Imaging QA meters including the following:
* Film/screen Radiography/Mammography Meters,
* Computerized Radiography/Mammography (CR) Meters,
* Digital Radiography/Mammography (DR) Meters,
* QA Meters,
* Specialized MAS-5 Meter,
* QA Mamchex Tool for CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW CR Mammography System

The DISC Radiology Meters

Film/screen Radiography Meters

Computed Radiography (CR) Meters

Wireless Radchex Green for Film/Screen

Wireless CR Radchex Meter

Quality Assurance Meters

Digital Radiography (DR) Meters

QA Radchex Meter

DR Radchex Plus

Special Tool

MAS-5 Meter

Example Reports of QA on DR using DISC DR Radchex Plus and Radia Diagnostic software