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Quality Assurance for ct and pet-ct

Catphan phantoms from The Phantom Lab for measuring the maximum obtainable performance of axial, spiral, multislice, conebeam and volume CT scanner.

QA of 4D CT and 4D PET-CT can be done through the use of the Modus QUASAR Respiratory Motion Phantom and PET insert. Specially designed CT phantoms for ACR accreditation are available from Gammex directly or through their distributors.

Analyzing images from Catphan 500/600 and ACR CT phantoms can be done automatically in seconds by using the RIT Radia Diagnostic software.


QUASAR Respiratory Motion Phantom is used to simulate the breathing of a patient and can be used for tracking tumour motion during respiratory cycles. Suitable for commissioning and regular checking image quality of 4D CT. It can also be used for training medical personnel.

Quasar Respiratory Motion Phantom with PET Insert for 4D PET CT acquisition, reconstruction, display and registration. Suitable for commissioning of newly acquired equipment, routine image quality assurance and training medical personnel.

Quasar Multi-Purpose Body Phantom offers geometric accuracy of 2D images and 3D image reconstructions 2D and 3D measurement tools including volume calculation accuracy. Suitable for commissioning newly acquired equipment, routine image quality assurance including 3D image volume rendering workstations.

Together with ACR CT Phantom and/or Catphan® phantom, The Radia Diagnostic provides instant reports on image quality of all kinds of CT, providing image quality analysis on:

 ACR CT Phantom
  Landmark Module covering:
   Accuracy of BB Measurement,
   Slice Thickness,
  Module 1 covering:
   CT Material Values of Water, Polyethylene, Bone, Acrylic and Air,
  Module 2 covering:
   Contrast to Noise Ratio,
   Contrast Statistics,
   Rod Detection for Rod Sizes from 2-6 mm,
  Module 3 covering:
   Uniformity Measurements,
   BB Distance,
  Module 4 covering:
   MTF for 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 12 lp/cm,
   Interpolated LP
   Modulation for 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 12 lp/cm,
   BB Measurements

  Catphan® Phantom
   Module 401a covering:
   CT Material Values of Polyetherimide, Acetal, Nylon, Background, Water, Clear Poly, PMP and Polysulfone,
   Slice Width Measurements,
   Ramp Alignment,
   Rod Distances,
   CT Number Linearity,
  Module 404 covering:
   CT Material Values of Air,Polystyrene, Background, LDPE, PMP, Air, Teflon, Delrin and Acrylic,
   Slice Width Measurements,
   Ramp Alignment,
   Road Distances of rods 1,2,3 and 4,
   Low Contrast Visibility (for Elekta machine only),
   Low Contrast Spheres,
   CT Number Linearity,
  Module 486 covering:
   CT Uniformity,
   Integral Non-Uniformity,
   Mean Difference (for Elekta machine only),
  Module 486W covering:
   CT Uniformity,
   Integral Non-Uniformity,
   Mean Difference (for Elekta machine only),
  Module 512 covering:
   Low Contrast Object Detection for Subslice and Supraslice
   Contrast To Noise Ratio
  Module 528 covering:
   MTF covering from 1 to 21 lp/cm,
   Interpolated LP for MTF of 0.5 and 1.0
   Modulation for 1 to 21 lp/cm,

Catphan 500 Phantom
Catphan 600 phantom