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The Kodak 2000RT CR Plus System acquires portal localization, verification, and simulation images using computed radiography (CR). This proven technology provides the high-quality therapy images you expect from Kodak. Incredibly simple to use, the system integrates, via DICOM RT, with Oncology specific systems. Easy installation requires only tabletop space, a power cord and network connection.

The Kodak 2000RT CR Plus System provides an upgrade path of your linear accelerator with an imaging device. Instead of equipping your existing linear accelerator with an EPID dedicated to one linac, the Kodak 2000RT CR Plus system can support more than one linac at any time. It also serves as a Mini PACS system within your department, from disseminating patient simulation and verification images to doctors' workstation, to establish a storage and archive of your patient images within your department.

    Benefits of this system:

    ■ System can be placed outside the treatment room. Eliminating trips to the darkroom means more time for therapists to spend with patients.

    ■ Supports multiple treatment rooms and simulators at a fraction of the cost of one electronic portal imaging device.

    ■ System can be used with virtually any linear accelerator, Cobalt device, or Simulator, regardless of manufacturer or age - without costly treatment machine retrofitting or downtime.

    ■ System acquires images up to 14 x 17 inches (35 x 43cm) - a larger field size than the smaller, fixed size of most electronic portal imagers.

    ■ Includes image management software to enable viewing and annotating on the physicians PC, as well as an archiving solution featuring a combination CD/DVD writer and the
       ability to print to DICOM or Windows printers.

Scanning Step 1

Scanning Step 2

Scanning Step 3, scanning time 25 seconds

Images are acquired with an oncology workflow in mind

Scan CR plates and produce digitized images for use with an image viewing station

Simulation Images

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Kodak 2000RT CR Plus System

Kodak 2000RT CR Software Specification