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RADIOTHERAPY Quality Assurance (QA)

JW Pacific, a system integrator for digital radiotherapy commissioning and quality assurance, proudly represents renowned companies to provide integrated radiotherapy equipment and software to Asia-Pacific countries and regions in the following areas:

Phantoms and software for commissioning and quality assurance of Medical Linear Accelerators with MLC and Cone-Beam CT, CT for CT-Simulation, MRI and PET-CT for Image Fusion,  Treatment Planning Systems and Treatment techniques.

CR system for Simulation and Portal Imaging.

CR system for Re-Useable Radiotherapy Film Dosimetry

Modus Medical

Quasar Respiratory Motion Phantom and Inserts for 4D CT Imaging

Quasar Respiratory Motion Phantom with PET Insert

Quasar MLC Phantom

Quasar Multi-Purpose Body Phantom

Quasar Penta-Guide

Quasar Isocenter Cube

Quasar Verification Phantom

Quasar Grid

Radiological Imaging Technology (RIT)

The Early Bird Daily Linac QA Phantom and Software

The Phantom Laboratory

Catphan® 500 CT Phantom

Catphan® 600 CT Phantom


DISC Plus kV Imaging Phantom

ACR MRI Phantoms

Large MRI QA Phantom

Small MRI QA Phantom

All Plastic Level (Acrylic)

Radiological Imaging Technology

RIT 113 Radiation Therapy QA Software offers the following in one software:

TG142 protocol,
Supports IMRT, IGRT and VMAT analysis,
Static and Dynamic MLC QA,
Use your EPID for QA,
Dose Calibration,
Stereotatic Analysis,
Daily Beam Measurements and QA,
Using 2D Arrays, film and CR to QA,
RunQUeueA for batch analysis,

Selection of Single or Multiple User License

Radia Therapy Auto Image QA Software using the following modules:

Base Module with:
: DICOM Viewer,
: DICOM Receiver,
: TG18,
: SMPTE Images,
: RIT Trend database,
: Image sorter,
: Manual Measurement tools

ACR Module for CT and MRI(large MRI phantom);

Module for Catphan / OBI

Module for PTW EPID QC Phantom

Module for Electron Density / Tissue Characterization:
: CIRS 062 Phantom
: CIRS 062A CBCT Phantom
: Gammex 467 Phantom

ACR Module for Small MRI Phantom

Module for kV Imaging

Modus Mecial

QUASAR eQA EPID based Image analysis software with one set of Cross Hair and BB Train

Kodak 2000RT CR Plus system

Kodak 2000i CR Screen Scanner with Integrated Eraser

Kodak KROS Image Management Software

Kodak 2000RT CR Plus system with Dosimetry Package

Kodak 2000i CR Screen Scanner with Integrated Eraser

Kodak KROS Image Management Software

Kodak Dosimetry Phantom

Kodak Dosimetry software