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We are offering dosimetric and non-dosimetric phantoms for machine commissioning and routine QA. These phantoms are unique in their designs for particular functions, covering image capture, radiation field profile, MLC leakage and equipment alignments. Suitable for all medical linear accelerators with IMRT, IGRT, VMAT®, RapidArc®, Cone-Beam CT, Stereotatic radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, Tomotherapy® and Cyberknife®.

The following are phantoms listed under each manufacturer. Please click on each of the pictures for details of the products.

If you would like to know which are the phantoms and software required to perform particular machine commissioning or QA tasks, please click on the "Solutions" button on the top-middle bar. It will bring you to a list of choices for you to pick the type of QA that you would like to perform.

QUASAR Respiratory Motion Phantom

Catphan 500 Phantom

RIT Early Bird Phantom

ACR MRI Large Phantom

QUASAR Multi-Purpose Body Phantom

Catphan 600 Phantom

   DISC Plus Phantom

  ACR MRI Small Phantom


QUASAR Penta Guide Phantom

QUASAR Isocenter Cube

QUASAR Verification Phantom

QUASAR Grid Phantom