CT Simulation QA

CT Dosimetry

Measurement of radiation dose in X-ray tomography CT. Using atom anthropomorphic phantom, CTDI phantom, TLDS and OSL dots.

Whole body CT dosimetry phantom

CT dose index phantom

Tissue equivalent CT dose phantom

AAPM CT Performace Phantom

A single test object that measures ten distinct CT performance parameters. The phantom design is based on the guidelines presented in Report #1 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Force on CT Scanner Phantoms.


Geometric/3D Reconstruction

A flexible QA tool designed to perform both dosimetric and nondosimetric tests on CT-SIM and TPS systems. Designed for testing geometric accuracy of 2D images and 3D image reconstructions; 2D and 3D measurement tools including volume calculation accuracy, automatic, semi-automatic and manual boundary identification tools.


Catphan Phantoms

The primary Catphan® models are the Catphan 500, 600, & 700. Each phantom is designed to provide comprehensive evaluation for different CT scanning technologies.

Catphan 500

Catphan 503

Catphan 504

Catphan 600

Catphan 604

Catphan 700