Linac QA

Recommended Tests

TG142 based QA program for linear accelerators including multileaf collimation (MLC), asymmetric jaws, dynamic and virtual wedges, and electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs). Quality assurance of image guidance devices such as cone-beam CT (CBCT), static kilovoltage (kV) imaging, respiratory gating, SRS, SBRT, IMT and TBI procedures./p>

Linac QA Software

RIT software currently has 31 patents in Rotational Therapy, IMRT, TomoTherapy®, CyberKnife®, and conventional therapies, all of which have advanced the standard of QA in radiation therapy. These include, but are not limited to: Plan-Based Calibration, MLC Step Wedge, Automated Sensitometry Correction, Calibrations Embedded in Images, Image Alignment, and 3D Stereotactic Alignment Isocenter Analysis (Winston-Lutz).


Phantoms for EPID, OBI / XVI, Light to Radiation Field, kV and MV Coincidence and Winston-Lutz Beam Isocenter Phantoms

Recommended tests for Linac QA

Beam Outputs QA

Winston-Luzt test, Output Constancy, Symmetry, Flatness, Light to Radiation Field Coincidence, Profiles, Percent Depth Dose, Wedges, Star Shot

Light to radiation field coincidence

Symmetry and flatness

Star shot analysis

Winston-Lutz test

Profiles and PDD

Wedges QA

Multileaf Collimator (MLC) QA

RIT113 provides several automated multi-leaf collimator quality assurance tests. The software then analyzes this pattern and provides statistics on uniformity and leaf position, as well as other statistics.

Automatic EPID Picket Fence Test

Hancock Test

Varian DMLC Test

Varian RapidArc® Test

TG50 MLC Test

Bayouth MLC Test


Testing EPID image quality for Elekta, Varian linac with EPID phantom and RIT software.



Test and monitor Varian OBI, Elekta XVI, Conebeam CT Image Quality. Determine kV/MV isocenter coincidence.

Varian OBI Image Quality QA

Elekta XVI Image Quality QA

Conebeam CT Image Quality QA

kV / MV Isocenter Coincidence

Stereotactic Cones QA

Stereotactic Radiosurgery cones for using with Elekta linac.


Laser Alignment QA

Laser Alignment Systems, moveable and stationary

Laser Alignment QA

Linac QA Software

RIT 113 Classic

RIT Complete


Every test recommended in TG-142

RIT Film

Linac QA Phantoms

L-Rad Phantom

EPID Phantom

IBA Primus-L Phantom

Winston-Lutz Cube

ISO Cube Phantom

Penta-Guide Phantom

Winston-Lutz Wand

Leeds TOR 18FG Phantom