Accreditation Phantom

Phantoms are designed to determine if your Mammography system can detect small structures that are important in the early detection of breast cancer. ACR Digital Mammography (DM) Phantom to test the performance of FFDM systems. Objects within the phantom simulate calcifications, ducts and tumor masses.

ACR FFDM phantom

MQSA accreditation phantom

Breast Biopsy

Test kits designed for an ongoing check of imaging performance on dedicated core biopsy imaging systems and developed specifically to address inadequacies in the post operative handling of surgical breast biopsy specimens and multiple core biopsy specimens.

Needle biopsy accuracy test phantoms

Breast biopsy specimen container

Digital Mammography Phantoms

Designed to address quality control for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis systems (DBT). The phantom can be used for software analysis and “traditional” visual tests. Used for constancy testing of image quality of digital breast tomosynthesis systems.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis phantom

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis EUREF phantom

Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography phantom

Digital Mammography Image Quality Test set

Force Guage

Digital force gauge which allows the user to measure breast compression on mammography systems.


Image Quality Analysis Software

Automatic analysis and reporting software for analyzing ACR FFDM phantom.

View RadiaDiagnostic

Image Quality Test Sets and Phantoms

Image quality test phantoms for mammography, PMMA based with various test objects. Compliant to various standards.

Image quality test phantoms

Test patterns

Focal Spot Jig

Mammography Focal Spot Jig to be mounted on the cassette holder for measuring alignment to the central beam axis.


Dosimetry System

Estimation of mean-glandular dose (MGD) through immediate readout of breast entrance skin air kerma (BESAK) using high sensitivity MOSFET dosimeter; or the use of Gafchromic XR-RV3 film, specially formatted for skin dose measurements.

Radiochromic film for mammography

MOSFET dosimetry system

X-ray Meter

CyberQual multimeter iMM (Intelligent MultiMeter) is a "smart" instrument that captures high-quality data and integrates information with the knowledge of the measure environment: X-ray absorption, X-ray equipment features, measurement heuristics etc.