Image Quality Assurance



Ultrasound Phantoms

Accreditation Phantom

CIRS Model 015 Mammographic Accreditation Phantom was designed to test the performance of a mammographic system by a quantitative evaluation of the system’s ability to image small structures similar to those found clinically. Objects within the phantom simulate calcifications, fibrous calcifications in ducts and tumor masses.

Mammographics Accreditation Phantom

Doppler Ultrasound Flow Phantom

The Doppler Ultrasound Flow Phantom, when used with the model 769 Doppler Flow Pump, provides a complete solution for QA testing of doppler ultrasound devices. The two most common tests are sensitivity and velocity accuracy, but many other useful tests are also described in the literature.

Fetal Ultrasound Training Phantom

Fetal Phantom

Fetal Ultrasound Phan toms provide a tissue-equivalent and anatomically appropriate model for ultrasonic surface scanning of fetal morphology, enable training and optimization of freehand acquisition techniques, and demonstrate and evaluate manual and automatic 3D ultrasound systems.

Fetal Ultrasound Training Phantom

Fetal Ultrasound Biometrics Phantom

Image Quality Phantom

Complete solution available for performance and quality assurance testing, training and transducer acceptance test.

Breast phantom

Elasticity phantom

Image quality phantoms

Uniformity Phantom

Uniformity phantom may be used to determine whether your transducers has weak elements. This type of test is often referred to as an Image Uniformity test. Weak or dead piezoelectric elements may cause problems such as decreased axial and lateral resolution, decreased depth of penetration and decreased low contrast performance.

Cablon Uniformity Phantom

Shear Wave Phantoms

Shear wave elasticity imaging is an emerging biomarker with many possible applications, most prominently for determining the stage of liver fibrosis in a patient without the need for invasive biopsies. Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom was developed and validated in a joint study sponsored by the Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance, and serves as the standard reference tool for determining sources of variance in shear wave elasticity measurements.

Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom

Ultrasound Software

Image Quality Analysis Software

UltraiQ is a five minute quality assurance software tool for ultrasound transducers. With the use of UltraiQ and related ultrasound QA phantom, defects of transducers could have been detected and resolved at an early stage. Reducing possibility of misdiagnosis due to a damaged transducer.