Patient Dosimetry

Dosimetry Quality Assurance Phantoms

Phantoms for film and ion chamber dosimetry is designed to address the complex issues surrounding commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems while providing a simple yet reliable method for verification of individual patient plans and delivery.


Whole body phantom

Dosimetry Quality Assurance Software

Designed for the comparison of a patient’s phantom plan from the user’s treatment planning system and the QA image that is captured by film, EPID, 2D array, or CR exposed to that phantom plan. The Patient QA system is flexible enough to not only compare a plan and film, but to also make comparison between plan to plan, and film to film.

RIT QA Software

Gafchromic Films

Gafchromic EBT3 self-developing dosimetry film has been developed specifically for applications in radiotherapy at the processor-less environment of the modern medical center. This film features symmetrical construction and anti-Newton ring coatings for enhanced ease-of-use and accuracy.

EBT3 Films

End-to-end Test Phantoms

The high dose per fraction associated with SRS, SBRT necessitates a high degree of accuracy in target localization and dose delivery. Small errors can result in significant under treatment of portions of the tumor volume and over dosage of nearby normal tissues. The E2E phantoms provide a means to check every step the patient will undergo in the treatment process — from diagnostic imaging with CT, MR and PET, to treatment plan verification. T be used during commissioning and routine QA, .

SRS E2E Phantom

SBRT E2E Phantom

Shoulder, Head and Neck E2E Phantom

Ion Chambers

Waterproof, rugged Shonka plastic ion chambers provides years of reliable use and excellent conductivity. Lack of stem-effect and low leakage provides precise, consistent measurements.Homogeneous material throughout the chamber minimizes perturbation of the beam. Offering Thimble Ion Chambers, Micro Ion Chambers, Parallel Plate Chambers, CT Ion Chambers and Spherical Ion Chambers.

Exradin Ion Chambers

MOSFET Dosimetry System

MOSFET in-vivo dosimetry for radiotherapy, brachytherapy and radiology applications.MOSFETS are real-time dose readout dosimeters that connect to a wireless and battery-operated mobileMOSFET reader. The advanced features of the software allow for dose verification in comparison to target dose, and electronic dose reporting with data transfer to R&V systems. The hand-held Portable Dosimeter system is intended for cost-effective MOSFET dosimetry and portability during clinical use at uncompromised accuracy.


Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeter

Powered by LANDAUER’S Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology, single point radiation monitoring nanoDot dosimeters are a useful secondary patient dose verification quality assurance tool and are an ideal solution in multiple settings, including diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, interventional procedures and radiation oncology. These dosimeters can be placed anywhere on the body or phantom and the nondestructive readout supports reanalysis and electronic data archiving.

OSLD dosimeters

OSLD reader

Real-time Dose Monitoring System

The first fully automated end-to-end verification system, monitors the entire treatment delivery process, from pre-treatment QA through the final fraction, in REAl time and All the time. For all your plan verification and machine QA needs. All in one system, fully automated.

IQM System

Respiratory Motion Phantom

Respiratory Motion Phantom is a programmable breathing simulator for conducting quality assurance testing on radiotherapy systems. Comes with a body shaped oval with both varying speed and amplitude accompanied with Respiratory Motion Software uses patient respiratory waveforms to control the phantom, simulating the breathing function. Used for regularly scheduled testing, as well as commissioning new systems and upgrades, and testing repairs,

Several different moving inserts are available for a variety of applications, including dose measurements with ion chambers, films and 3D gel. Designed to work with different therapy delivery systems and is compatible with kV and MV CT imagers, MRI Simulators and MR-Linacs.

3D Motion Phantom

Motion for using with ArcCHECK®

Motion Platform for other phantoms

Motion Phantom for MR-Linacs

Secondary Check QA Software

RadCalc® software that provides fully automated independent dosimetric validation calculations for conventional, IMRT, and VMAT treatment planning systems. New software modules including Brachytherapy, Tomotherapy, GammaKnife and Supervisual X-Ray treatment.


Water Phantoms

The Thales 3D Scanner is a 3-axis water scanning phantom that fuses robust hardware with easy-to-use software for superior beam commissioning and quality assurance measurements of bore-type LINACs.

Thales 3D Water Phantom

Thales MR 3D Water Phantom