CyberKnife® QA

TG135 QA Software

Comprehensive QA program for non-isocentric multiple small fields robotic radiosurgery.

RITg135 QA Software

E2E QA phantoms

Selections of various End to End test Phantoms

Xsight® lung tracking and 4D planning phantoms

Dynamic Thorax Motion Phantom

Gafchromic films

Radiochromic film provides a means of measuring true 2D dose distribution within a region of interest. For small field dosimetry, film offers a unique advantage over dosimeters because of it’s high spatial resolution and dynamic range. These qualities make film a popular solution in many radiotherapy departments.


Micro ion chambers

Inherently waterproof construction eliminates the need for sleeves or protective coatings. Rugged conductive plastic provides years of reliable use. Lack of stem-effect and low leakage provides precise, reliable measurements. Designed to meet reference class criteria. Also available in MR compatible version.



The SuperMAX combines highly accurate, reference grade measurements, with a revolutionary touchscreen interface and a host of advanced measurement features. Support TG-51 and TRS-398 dosimetry protocols, while quickly acquiring multiple point dose measurements without re-zeroing.


Water phantom

Simple, precise setup to easily acquire beam quality and absolute dose measurements that support AAPM TG-51 and IAEA TRS-398. DoseView 1D Software instantly records electrometer data and facilitates depth-dose curve acquisition, improving the efficiency of routine QA testing.


Stereotactic dose phantom

Ion chamber and film dose measurements in a water-equivalent phantom designed specifically for stereotactic radiosurgery and recommended by Accuray.


Filmless CyberKnife® QA system

Designed to be used by both physicists and therapists, this easy method for complete daily CyberKnife QA enables improved frequency and depth of QA practices, potentially improving clinical results. QA is done using the clinical pathway rather than the typical QA service mode for more realistic and faster results.