Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

Abdominal Phantoms

Image-Guided Abdominal Biopsy Phantom is a simplified abdominal phantom suitable for training and demonstrating image-guided needle biopsy navigation tools or procedures that require a constant visual reference for needle placement.

Image Guided Abdominal Biopsy phantom

Tripple Modality 3D Abdominal Phantom

Breast Phantoms

These phantoms are designed to train users in various aspects of breast imaging and image-guided interventional procedures.

Breast Elastography Phantom

Multi-Modality Breast Biopsy and Sonographic Trainer Phantom

Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom with Amorphous Lesions

Female Ultrasound Training Pelvis Phantom

The gynecological ultrasound exam is an important diagnostic tool. Students gain competency with hands-on practice. The Model 404A Female Ultrasound Training Pelvis facilitates teaching and demonstration of gynecological ultrasound techniques in a non-stressful situation.

Female Ultrasound Training Phantom

Lumbar Phantom

Lumbar Training Phantom provides a realistic puncture practice phantom for use with fluoroscopic image guidance. It facilitates hand-eye coordination and can be used to train many spinal procedures including sacroiliac joint injection, lumbar and caudal epidurals, diskography, block nerves, and facet blocks.

Lumbar Training Phantom

Male Ultrasound Phantoms

Male Pelvic Phantom was designed for realistic abdominal and transrectal ultrasound scanning of the bladder and prostate. Multi-modality disposable phantom developed for practicing procedures which involve scanning the prostate with a rectal probe.

Tissue Equivalent Ultrasound Prostate Phantom

Scrotal Ultrasound Training Phantom

Thyroid Phantom

Thyroid Training Phantom is a disposable training tool and practice medium for ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy procedures. The phantom also serves as an excellent teaching tool for identification of various types of thyroid nodules and training on proper thyroid scanning techniques.

Thyroid Ultrasound Training Phantom

Vascular Phantoms

Vascular Access Training Phantoms are designed to provide a realistic training medium for needle insertion. Tissue mimicking Doppler flow phantoms contain multiple flow channels simulating superficial vasculature.

Vascular Access Training Phantom

Peripheral Vascular Doppler Flow Phantom