Computed Tomography (CT)

The Phantom Lab CT Phantoms

Very well known Catphan phantoms from The Phantom Lab, such as Catphan 500, 600 and 700.


MITA IQ Low Contrast Phantom

ATCM Phantom

COPD Gene Lung Phantom

Automatic Analysis Software

CT Dosimetry

CT Dosimetry phantoms for organ dose using TLD, OSLD, MOSFET or ion chambers. CT Dose Index phantom and appropriate ion chambers can be supplied in a package.

Whole body CT dosimetry phantom

CT dose index phantom

Tissue equivalent CT dose phantom

CT dose ion chambers

CT Slice Width and Alignment QA Films

To start the day with a quick check of your CT Slice width and alignment with Ashland Gafchromic films.


Cone Beam CT

Cone beam CT image quality check with Catphan phantom, automatic analysis software. Cone Beam CT electron denisty phantom brings quality assurance into new heights.


Automatic Analysis Software

Geometric/3D Reconstruction

Anthropomorphic Torso Phantom is designed to provide an accurate simulation of an average torso for medical imaging and dosimetry applications.

3D Sectional Torso Phantom

3D Torso Phantom

Pediatric Radiography Phantom

Anthropomorphic dosimetry phantoms to range in sizes from newborn to adult. Designed to investigate organ dose, whole body effective dose as well as verification of delivery of therapeutic radiation doses. Sectional Pediatric Radiography Trainer phantom is an ideal phantom for teaching radiographers in patient positioning, collimation and anatomical comprehension

Anthropomorphic phantom

Radiography training phantom

AAPM CT Performace Phantom

Meets guidleins in AAPM report #1 “Performance evaluation and quality assurance of CT scanners”